Reflection with 2023 Vogt Awards Recipient Feedcoyote

When Stevens Bonhomme, Founder & CEO of Feedcoyote, was selected to the Vogt Invention and Innovation Awards program, his platform, helping freelancers maximize their earning opportunities through networking, collaboration, and project management, had 1,000 users. Now, just six months after completing the program, Feedcoyote has over 35,000 users in 130 countries and adds an average of 1,000 new users weekly. The company has launched two new versions of its app, offering users a better experience with each new generation.  

“We are among the fastest-growing startups in Louisville. I’m very proud of our massive growth,” Bonhomme said. 

Bonhomme credits the Vogt Awards program with helping him refine his marketing efforts and position his company. With guidance and support, he was able to identify the right users for his platform and build marketing and communications messages and strategies targeting this specific audience.  

“Being a founder can be tricky. You want to save the world and build your product for everyone and want everyone to use it. Clearly identifying your customers’ needs and creating sustainable value for them is key. Customer discovery is very important in narrowing your focus and going after the right customer for your product. Being able to identify the right marketing strategies and implement them was essential for us. It got us in front of the right customers,” he said.  

Why Apply to the Vogt Awards 

Bonhomme said he learned about the Vogt Awards program through other founders who had participated in previous years. At the time, his company needed help with branding and marketing. He said Feedcoyote didn’t have a big community presence and he knew he needed help to grow his company and realize his vision.  

The Community Foundation of Louisville’s reputation as a hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and early-stage business support aligned with his own values.  

“I had a very comfortable job before quitting to start the business,” said Bonhomme. “It’s challenging because of the unknown. Finding funding and support for an early-stage business can be difficult for founders.” 

Bonhomme credits the funding, support, and mentorship provided by the Vogt Awards program with his improved chances for success.  

Mentorship Program Provided Expert Guidance 

Access to mentors through the extensive mentorship program was Bonhomme’s favorite aspect of the Vogt Invention and Innovation Awards.  

“We had a very small core group, which gave us hands-on opportunities with the mentors. They were easy to talk to and brought their level of knowledge to us. They provided advice that we could apply as early-stage businesses. They worked with each startup and specifically addressed their needs and problems,” he said.  

In addition to assisting him better define his target market and develop marketing strategies, the program also allowed him to refine his business pitches and develop his public speaking skills.  

“We worked on our pitches every week. We developed pitches for specific situations and different lengths and styles. This practice really helped me with public speaking and refining my presentations based on the situation and environment.” 

Networking and Community Connections Continue to Offer Support 

In addition to the significant growth his business has experienced, Bonhomme says he is more connected with the Louisville startup ecosystem since finishing the program. He says it opened doors to meeting new investors and has helped grow his network exponentially.  

“From a networking aspect, I’m more well connected and more well versed in the startup system in Louisville. I’ve been able to connect with venture firms in Louisville, and through them, have gotten introductions to other investors. My network keeps expanding,” he said. 

Bonhomme encourages other early-stage business owners to apply for the Vogt Awards program. 

“Take advantage of a community that wants to see you win and supports you with the capital and mentorship you need as a founder or early-stage business. They are proud of your success and proud of what you are building. This is an opportunity for startups who may not get this level of support somewhere else.” 


Vogt Awards applications close May 28. Apply now at