Founded in 1984, the Community Foundation of Louisville mobilizes people, networks, and capital to spark meaningful change in and beyond Louisville. Just as our name signifies, here, community comes first. With nearly $800 million in assets, over 2,200 charitable funds, and collaborations with hundreds of local partners, we connect real investments with relevant causes. In addition, key priorities of the Foundation are to advance racial equity and open opportunity for all. Working with neighbors, changemakers, and community investors, we’re inspiring greater generosity to move us all forward.

Catalyze impact:

We believe everyone has the potential to drive change in their community. With broad investment expertise and deep local knowledge, we support community causes that advance equity and open opportunity for all.

Connect people to relevant causes:

We build bridges between changemakers and community causes to create real and lasting impact right here in Louisville. By connecting a wide range of resources and relationships, we can offer flexible options for community investors to contribute when and how they feel most comfortable —and to achieve meaningful progress.

Collaborate for transformation:

Through the mobilizing of thousands of funds and other grantmaking initiatives, we’re able to provide support and partnership to hundreds of local organizations and individuals that do the important work of amplifying impact in Louisville and beyond.

Champion community voices:

As a community foundation, we’re centered in, of, and for communities. We collaborate with and champion diverse perspectives, because Louisville can only move forward when every one of us has a pathway to prosperity.

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