Greater Louisville Project

Connecting the dots between education, jobs, health, and quality of place to catalyze civic action.

Although the Greater Louisville Project is now officially complete, you can still access their valuable findings to benefit your initiatives or get a better understanding of our city’s greatest opportunities and challenges through their insightful reporting and analysis.

The Greater Louisville Project benchmarked Louisville’s performance against its peer cities. This analysis helped to keep our community focused on a shared agenda for long-term progress.

Over the years, their data supported collective action to ensure more young people can earn college degrees, collaboration to reduce health disparities across the city, conversations to make philanthropic investments more equitable and impactful, and advocacy to ensure all young people enter kindergarten ready to learn.

After 20 years, the Greater Louisville Project sunset to make way for new organizations and initiatives that operate from the understanding that our city’s collective civic intelligence will always point us to better answers than the ideas of any one of us.

Thank you to Christopher Fryer & Louisville Business First for providing photos.

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