Investment Strategies

We invest for the long term. Our talented and knowledgeable Investment Committee members work hard to ensure our strategic asset allocations balance the need to maximize returns over the long term while minimizing the risk of permanent loss of capital. We accomplish this balance by investing across a diverse set of asset classes and investment styles which we expect to enhance investment results in a variety of market conditions. What this means is that your fund will have the benefit of being a part of a large institutional investment pool, allowing broad diversification and access to managers who would traditionally be unavailable or cost-prohibitive to individual investors.

Investment Options & Performance

We offer the following primary investment pools for your fund. Each pool has its own specific investment allocation, providing for different growth and return options from which to choose when you establish your fund. Other investment options exist with local financial institutions. Please call the Community Foundation to learn more.

Signature Pool

Our most popular investment option, the Signature Pool is designed to balance long term return requirements with short term stability needs.

The Signature Pool employs a combination of active and passive investment management styles that are structured to maintain and grow fund principal and thereby increase the amount that is available for grants over the long term. The Signature Pool’s strategic asset allocation is detailed in the Investment Performance report below.

Equity Pool

The Equity Pool employs a combination of active and passive investment management styles, but is allocated 100% to a diversified mix of equity investments.

The Equity Pool has the potential for greater returns than the Signature Pool, but with the potential for greater volatility.

Fixed Income Pool

The Fixed Income Pool is comprised of a 100% allocation to a variety of fixed income securities designed to generate a modest amount of income and the least amount of volatility of our investment pools.

The Fixed Income Pool offers greater stability with lower expected returns.

Socially Responsible Pool

The Socially Responsible Pool is a diversified mix of assets managed by Boston Common Asset Management.

Up to 75% of the Socially Responsible Pool may be invested in equity securities with the balance in fixed income securities. Investments for the Socially Responsible Pool are selected based on analysis of financial, environmental, social and governance factors.

PNC Pool

The PNC Pool is a diversified mix of assets managed by PNC Institutional Asset Management.

Commonwealth Pool

The Commonwealth Pool is a diversified mix of assets managed by Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company.

Glenview Trust Pool

The Glenview Trust Pool is a diversified mix of assets managed by The Glenview Trust Company.

Baird Trust Pool

The Baird Trust Pool is a diversified mix of assets managed by Baird Trust Co.

Our Investment Consultant

We engage Prime Buchholz to serve as an independent consultant to the Investment Committee. Prime Buchholz is completely independent of the firms selected to manage our investments and is charged with providing the Investment Committee with return data and objective information concerning the performance of each investment manager. Prime Buchholz also helps the Investment Committee to identify and evaluate new managers, as well as maintain the investment policy statements governing our investment pools.

Questions about our investment options or performance?

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