Invest Louisville

Invest Louisville is an opportunity to think differently about how your charitable assets are invested. Imagine if these investments could create both social and economic good for Louisville and a financial return.

That is what Invest Louisville aims to do. With a diversified portfolio of loans, debt guarantees, lines of credit, and equity investments, the Foundation’s newest investment offering moves capital into parts of Louisville that have experienced decades of disinvestment – particularly in affordable and accessible housing, entrepreneurship, and land development.

This new investment offering will give local leaders, organizations, and businesses access to high-impact investments that generate financial returns and, most importantly, significant social and community benefits. If you are interested in helping Louisville grow to realize its full potential, then join us in this important endeavor.

How Invest Louisville Works

Current fundholders at the Community Foundation are invited to allocate all or a portion of their charitable funds at the Foundation into Invest Louisville. New donors can participate by opening a fund or by making a direct contribution.

For-profit corporate entities and nonprofit organizations are encouraged to share information about your investment projects.

Our Entire City is Worth Investment, and Together, We Can Invest in a Louisville Where Everyone Prospers!

Join us in this important endeavor!

If you are interested in contributing to Invest Louisville, contact Anne McKune.
Anne McKune
Anne McKune
Anne McKune
Vice President, Advancement
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