Ramona Dallum

“All that you touch, you change.
All that you change, changes you.
The only lasting truth is change.
God is change.”
Octavia Butler – Parable of the Sower

Ramona Dallum is the Vice-President of Community Engagement. She joined the Foundation in July 2017 as a program coordinator. Since that time, Ramona has experienced several career and personal changes. Her most profound lesson from over 50 years of living is that change is constant but inconsistent. History is cyclical until some dramatic force shifts its course. Ramona believes we are currently experiencing a power shift in our communities, and she intends to help usher in this shift by inspiring thought, challenging possibility, and provoking action.

Ramona is an artist and storyteller working in philanthropy. Her creative process enables her to think beyond expectations and challenge traditional, philanthropic savior narratives. What Ramona enjoys most about her philanthropic work is that it provides the opportunity to stitch together the members of our community to create a world where all are nurtured and valued. She believes that through trusted partnerships and shared values, we become a human quilt of collective power that disrupts oppressive systems.

Ramona Dallum
Ramona Dallum
Senior Vice President, Community Leadership