War in Ukraine: Ways to Support Humanitarian Relief

Updated: June 28, 2022

Millions of people are fleeing Russian military attacks on Ukraine. Many organizations are providing humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine. We provide this list of U.S. 501(c)3 public charities as a starting point for those wishing to help.

If you are a current fundholder at the Community Foundation of Louisville, you can make a grant directly from your fund. To send a grant to one of these organizations, log in to your fund here.

For additional assistance with grants from your fund, please contact Michael Pfaff at grants@cflouisville.org or 502.585.4649. If you are not a fundholder, please click the links below to learn more about how you can give.

Organizations to Consider

American Red Cross (EIN 53-0196605) has deployed international crisis responders to Poland, Moldova, Hungary, and Romania to provide humanitarian relief to support the international Red Cross operation helping families who fled their homes.

Berks County Community Foundation, on behalf of Community Foundations in Ukraine (EIN 23-2769892) The Berks County Community Foundation has established a fund to collect donations on behalf of Ukraine-based Ednannia, which supports a large network of community foundations in Ukraine. Please designate your contribution to the “Fund for Ednannia.”

Doctors without Borders (EIN 13-3433452) works to assure people’s access to health care and medicines.

International Rescue Committee (EIN 13-5660870) is on the ground in Poland and preparing to support displaced families looking for help.

Proem Support Ministries (EIN 90-0066630) doing work in Poland caring for displaced refugees.

Save the Children (EIN 06-0726487)works in the hardest-to-reach places to make sure the children get the help they need.

Supplies Overseas (EIN 27-2624272) Louisville-based SOS is sending medical supplies and equipment to hospitals in Ukraine. In addition to the initial $30,000 in equipment already sent, SOS is preparing to deploy $100,000 in supplies to help Ukraine. SOS is working with NGOs is Slovakia and Poland to get wound care, orthopedic items, PPE and medical equipment to treat the victims of the Russian war in Ukraine.

Unicef (EIN 13-1760110) delivers aid to hundreds of thousands of children and families in eastern Ukraine. Designate “children in Ukraine.”

UN Refugee Agency (EIN 52-1662800) provides protection and shelter for families forced to flee their homes.

WaterStep (EIN 61-1262016) is sending its small, powerful disinfectant machines to medical centers and field hospitals in Ukraine so they will have the capacity to produce large amounts of disinfectant themselves.

Water With Blessings (EIN 37-1639872) provides emergency water filters to Ukraine and partners with Razom for Ukraine to get the emergency items delivered in relief packs to civil defense teams in the war-torn country.

For more information and additional resources see: Philanthropy’s Response to Russian Invasion of Ukraine (from the Council on Foundations)

If you know of or are affiliated with an organization that is doing work to support the people of Ukraine, please contact comms@cflouisville.org.