Thoughts from the OCCF Chairman

Author: Laurie Anne Roberts

I find that last columns are all the more difficult to write because there is always so much to say – and never enough time to convey.

Over 10 years ago, a stellar group of Oldham County leaders saw the need to develop a format of collective giving that would ensure funds were reinvested for the future of our residents. It was a delight to have joined with that group six years ago and even more so to lead as we evolved to today.

Since that time, we have seen our funds develop to over $5,000,000.00 – both in personal growth of self-directed funds, as well as those endowed for us to share with the community.

Since we began our competitive grants process, we have provided 96 grants totaling over $186,000 to nonprofits serving our community.

More recently, we began a series of Community Initiatives that identify a pressing community need and gather a community of funders to build new partnerships to solve our most intractable challenges. In 2020, we identified that need to be logistics for food.  We know that we have food banks and community services working to supply those in our neighborhoods who are food insecure. We know the number of our neighbors who are food insecure has grown expeditiously over the last 18th month.  We know that the need for fresh food has never been stronger.  I invite you to read the article that follows, which was written by Advisory Board Member Hope Boyd, which provides an overview on this new special initiative supporting GLEAN Kentucky.

I also invite you to click here to learn more about the Endow Kentucky Tax Credit Program. With a gift to a permanently endowed fund at the qualified community foundation, you can receive both a charitable deduction and a credit against your Kentucky income taxes. The deadline to apply is June 29, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.

There is a strength in conversations, in identifying need, in research, in fund development, and in giving. To have the ability to do so as a volunteer is to nurture your soul and increase your knowledge; specifically targeting an area such as quiet jewel Oldham County has been a joy. Thank you for the opportunity.


Laurie Anne