Standing Together

We are more rooted than ever in our commitment to social justice, to break barriers, and to make equity a cornerstone of everything we do. Creating a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive will only happen when every voice is heard and respected and all residents can dream fearlessly.

The Community Foundation of Louisville is taking this time to pause, listen, and have conversations that expand our knowledge and perspective. We wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with Black Americans and other people of color, but being shocked, sad, and empathetic isn’t enough. What matters most is actual change, justice, and equity.

What can we do as a community foundation? To start, we are committed to:

  • Encouraging contributions to support nonprofit organizations that champion human rights and fight against racism and discrimination
  • Continuing to use our resources and relationships to advance diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Using CFL Impact Capital as a tool for equitable economic development
  • Exploring strategies to advance systems-level change
  • Activating our board and staff to speak out against racial injustice

Give. Speak out. Do more. Stand together.