Organizations Working Towards a Healthy and Safe Louisville

People hold a universal desire to live in environments characterized by abundant peace, health, and safety. Families strive to obtain the resources to realize this in their homes and communities. When communities do not have needed resources, one consequence is repeatedly unrealized aspirations which often manifests as community trauma leading to violence caused by guns, substance abuse, and more.

We agree with our friends at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that “preventing violence in America is an essential component of building healthy communities. Violence, both at the interpersonal and community levels, is an urgent public health problem.”

Since the beginning of 2022, Louisville has experienced 47 homicides as of April 10. This violence has been realized in almost every Louisville Metro Police District except for one. For our community, gun violence is a pandemic impacting the safety, health and progress of all.

Today, we share information about local organizations working to interrupt violence. Every day these organizations are working to improve the health of our community. They are in neighborhoods connecting with families to answer questions like: What is the problem? What are the causes? What works to prevent shootings and violence? How can we scale solutions to serve more families?

This list is not inclusive of all organizations doing this critical work in Louisville, but is intended to introduce you to some of those working to address the public health crisis of violence. The Community Foundation of Louisville is committed to understanding and identifying ways Louisville can become a healthy, safe, and peaceful city for all. As we learn, we will share our knowledge and invite you to partner with us as a catalyst for lasting change.

If you are a current fundholder at the Community Foundation of Louisville, you can make a grant directly from your fund to support any of the organizations presented here. To send a grant to one of these organizations, log in to your fund here. All are verified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in good standing.

For additional assistance with grants from your fund, please contact Michael Pfaff at or 502.585.4649. If you are not a fundholder, please click the links below to learn more about how you can give.

Organizations to Consider

A-One All Stars Foundation (EIN 47-5599923) AONE All Stars is based in the Portland neighborhood and offers youth ages 7-18 programming that includes a step team, basketball, financial literacy, and life skills.

Christopher 2X Gamechangers (EIN 83-0655030) Christopher 2X Gamechangers promotes early childhood education, parental involvement, mentoring, and community involvement to positively transform the lives of children and young people, end violence long-term, and make communities safer.

HHN2L (EIN 84-2329770) Hip Hop Into Learning provides opportunities for youth interested in advocacy, justice work, and perfecting their musical and artistic crafts, primarily in the Shawnee, Russell, and Newburg neighborhoods.

Joshua Community Connectors (EIN 87-1604640) JC Connectors works with young adults to break down barriers regarding mental health, housing and employment.

No More Red Dots (EIN 83-1524454) No More Red Dots believes that a significant number of homicides are the result of spontaneous decisions that are made without at least one of the involved participants being given the opportunity to weigh their consequences and/or options. Their mission is to intervene in as many potentially deadly situations as possible in order to interrupt the activity stream that leads to death.

Peace Education (EIN 61-1220204) The Peace Education Program trains youth and adults to build and sustain positive relationships by providing learning experiences such as conflict resolution, peer mediation, and prejudice reduction that reduce violence, enhance personal integrity, and foster mutual respect.

Restorative Justice Louisville (EIN 45-2868484) Restorative Justice Louisville brings together offenders, victims, and community in a facilitated conference in which all parties collectively identify harm and determine a way forward that is centered on healing for everyone.

Reviving Urban Neighborhoods (EIN 82-2132501) Reviving Urban Neighborhoods is a local basketball league for youth ages 8-12 and adults ages 18-30+ that encourage participants to network and work together in peace. When players join, they are placed on a cross-neighborhood team, a model that creates a feeling of brotherhood and opportunities to build relationships with people across the city.

The Ace Project (EIN 83-3117851) The Ace Project provides life skills (sewing, cooking, etc.) classes to youth age 18 and younger (most have been impacted by gun violence), and support groups for those impacted by violence.

Whitney/Strong Organization (EIN 83-1941981) The Whitney/Strong Organization works to find common ground to end gun violence through data-driven, responsible gun ownership solutions.

Organizations were selected in partnership with Louisville Metro’s Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods.

Do you have an organization you believe should be included? Please send those suggestions to