Impact 100 Louisville

The Community Foundation is excited to support efforts like Impact 100 Louisville that encourage and grow local philanthropy throughout Louisville.

Impact 100 Louisville is a community of women transforming lives through collective giving.

Impact 100 Louisville is comprised of women dedicated to making Louisville a better place to live. By recruiting at least 100 members who each donate $1,000 and giving one hundred percent of the collected funds, Impact 100 Louisville supports the local non-profit community with a minimum $100,000 grant. The more members who join, the more money that is available to grant to the community. Multiple grants may be given in a single year. By pooling resources, Impact 100 members can make a greater IMPACT! Separate funds are raised through donations and sponsorships to cover fundraising and administrative costs.


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Do you have questions about Impact 100 Louisville? Whether you are an individual looking for ways to make a greater impact through your charitable giving, or a nonprofit interested in learning about the application cycle, click on the link below to learn more.