Fund for Louisville: Racial Justice Cohort Selection Process Participants

Recognizing that social change is most successful when guided and led by those most impacted, this signature initiative of the Fund for Louisville brought together Black community members and their allies to advise the Foundation on creating a grant process intentionally focused on supporting Black-led social change organizations and to select the recipients.

Abby Rudolph

Adria Johnson

Angie Evans

Dr.  Angelique Johnson*

Ashleigh Hazley*

Cassandra Webb*

Dana Jackson

Domonique Churchill

Dr. Armon Perry

Dr. Billie Castle

Dr. Brandy Kelly Pryor

Eric Hawkins*

Haley Brents*

Jaison Ashley Gardner

Jason Allen Deakings

Johnique Ison*

Kelsie Smithson

LaToya Whitlock*

Leo Braddock*

Mahogany Mayfield*

Malesha Griffin

Mia Cooper

Naiyana Williams*

Nannie Croney*

Dr. Patricia Carver*

Ron Gallo

Ryane Jones

Savvy Kareem Abdul Shabazz

Shawnte West*

Stacy Bailey-Ndiaye*

Stephen George

SteVon Edwards

T Benicio Gonzales

Tialisha Lumpkin*

Toni Clem

* Also a member of the 2021-2023 Fund for Louisville Grant Strategy Design Workgroup