Four Reasons to Level Up Your Giving with the Community Foundation of Louisville

For over 40 years, the Community Foundation of Louisville has held a unique position in Kentucky and Southern Indiana’s philanthropic sector by mobilizing people, networks, and capital to spark change in and beyond Louisville. At our core, we’re a local financial institution with a social mission that helps generous people like you achieve their charitable goals. We steward the financial assets and charitable aspirations of our thousands of fundholders and donors, whom we fondly see as community investors.

Here are four reasons why opening a charitable fund with us will take your philanthropy to the next level: 

Here, Everyone Can Be a Philanthropist 

Whether you have $100 or $1,000,000 in charitable resources, we offer unique fund options to suit all giving levels. In fact, 30% of our funds have a balance under $5,000. You can open a flexible Charitable Checking Fund today with no minimum initial balance and no administrative fee. At the Community Foundation of Louisville, anyone can open a fund and enjoy a risk-free, tax-smart way to simplify their charitable giving.

Create a Better Louisville

If you want to donate to the nonprofits in your community and simultaneously support Louisville’s broader philanthropic sector, there’s no better way to do it than by creating a charitable fund at the Community Foundation.  Having a fund with us ensures you have charitable dollars ready to be distributed quickly when your community is in need.

Year after year, most grant distributions from our charitable funds stay local. In 2023, more than 77% of all grant distributions supported organizations in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

We value every dollar you add to your fund, not only because of the difference that money will make for the nonprofits you’re choosing to support, but also because each dollar further advances our commitment to creating a Louisville where everyone prospers.

Personal and Professional Service

With the Foundation, you don’t need to choose between excellent customer service and modern expectations – you get both! You can manage your fund independently, 24/7, through our easy-to-use online platform, or contact our friendly local team for the same excellent service.

Kentuckiana is home to our entire 40+ person staff, so seeing our community thrive is personal for us. It is our privilege to support your generosity by providing personalized service, discretion, and efficiency, to see first-hand the daily difference made in our community by people like you.

Experts in Philanthropy, Experts in Greater Louisville

Because of our deep roots in the region, we can provide extensive knowledge about community issues and unique insights into the causes you care about most. We can also inform you about best practices and effective giving strategies that let you do more with your philanthropy than you ever thought possible.

As your community partner, we can work together to advance the bold approaches and breakthrough solutions needed to address our community’s most persistent challenges.


Interested in opening a fund? Learn how to open a fund online, or contact a member of our Philanthropic Services team at 502.585.4649 or at