Donation Box Brings Community Together

Raiyan Elmerse, One Louisville COVID-19 Response Fund Donor

The Community Foundation of Louisville is fortunate to be a part of a caring, generous, and resilient community, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. The One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund was created in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our community. We are so grateful to our community for coming together to raise funds during this difficult time.

We are especially grateful for people like Raiyan Elmerse (pictured left), who took it upon herself to raise funds for the One Louisville: COVID-19 Response Fund. Raiyan felt for those affected by COVID-19 and wanted desperately to help in any way she could. She put a donation box at the end of her driveway and got donations from neighbors, the postman, UPS driver and the like. “It was completely her own initiative and we are so proud.” said Christy Wyatt, Raiyan’s mother. Every bit helps and we are truly inspired by Raiyan’s heart to help others.

We asked Raiyan a few questions about her donation box and her responses are below.

  1. Raiyan Elmerse holding her COVID-19 donation box

    What made you want to raise money for the One Louisville Fund?
    “I wanted to help stop Coronavirus so things would go back to normal.”

  2. Who did you meet when raising money for the One Louisville Fund?
    “I met neighbors, the postal carrier, and the UPS delivery driver.”
  3. What was your favorite part about raising money?
    “My favorite part about raising money was meeting new people.”
  4. Who inspires you to give?
    “When I hear about people in need, I feel bad and want to help them.”
  5. What would you say to someone else who wants to raise money but doesn’t know what to do?
    “I would suggest they set up a donation box and start with a little bit at a time.”


From March 16, 2020 to September 29, the Fund supported nonprofit organizations and individuals in our community with $10,957,333 in grants. To see a list of funded organizations, click here. As additional, pledged amounts are received, additional grants will be distributed and the list of granted organizations will continue to be updated.