Vogt Awards Alumni

“The Vogt Awards help these early stage businesses pool the right talent to accomplish the things that need to be accomplished in order to move that company through the process and down the road far enough so that other funders can get involved.”


Meet the Vogt Awards Alumni

2022 Vogt Award Recipients

Pictured left to right: Waleed Bahouth, Co-Founder of Arrow Health; Erik Anderson, Co-Founder of Arrow Health; Jennifer Mason, Co-Founder of TitleWise; Lecresha Sewell, Melanated Healthcare; TaMeka Bland, LimitLess; Roland Achenjang, C2 Keep; Akhil Suresh Nair, Xena Intelligence | Photo credit: Jolea Brown, Creative Photography LLC


2012 Vogt Award Recipients

Ikotech is a bio-technology business specializing in novel, high-speed magnetic cell sorting systems for use in life science applications.

2011 Vogt Awards Recipients

Psyche has designed a butterfly-shaped pillow to help the sleep apnea patient get a good night’s sleep.

2007 Vogt Award Recipients

GreenerWay created an advanced energy monitoring and control device allowing home and business owners to better manage their energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Lawn Solutions Commercial Products developed a user-friendly power seeder, called Turf Revitalizer, weighing 200 pounds less than standard power seeders.

MobileFit uses MP3 technology with voice instruction to coach health club members through individual routines.

Touchless Care Concepts developed Rash Relief, a spray-on ointment to treat rashes associated with incontinence -- the lack of voluntary control of excretory functions.

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