Giving & Planning

Whether you are looking to simplify and organize your giving today, or you are planning for the future, we have the team and options to help you achieve all your charitable goals. We make it simple and easy. If you would like to establish your own personal giving account, involve your children and grandchildren more in your family’s philanthropy, or take steps to maximize the impact of your giving, the Community Foundation of Louisville can help.

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We Help You Simplify, Organize, and Maximize Your Philanthropy

Curious how a Donor Advised or Charitable Checking Fund can help you in this current tax environment? This brief video will give you some ideas.

Philanthropy by Design

What do you want your philanthropy to look like? Do you want to be spontaneous with your giving, or is long-term planning more of your style? Do you have a passion for one area of need, or are your interests many and varied? We help you do philanthropy your way, with our expertise and connections. Let's work together to design your perfect plan.

Investment Strategies

We can provide you unique investment options so your charitable dollars can potentially grow tax free - adding more money for you to give away to support your favorite causes.

Professional Advisors

We are here to help you help your clients. With in-depth knowledge of charitable giving strategies, we are your professional resource.

Collaborative Philanthropy

Invest alongside of us to do more than you ever thought possible to make a difference in our community. Contact us to learn about these and other exciting opportunities.

Beyond grantmaking, Impact Investing is a way to deploy charitable capital in a way that generates a financial and tangible social benefit to the community. You recycle at home, why not recycle your charitable capital as well?

Our biggest day of local giving has raised over $26 million since its inception in 2014. Each year this 24-hour online day of giving inspires our community to come together and help hundreds of local nonprofits through the power of philanthropy. Help us make each year an even greater success by contributing to our “Prize Pool” which augments the money raised by the participating nonprofits on this special day.

Join us as a funding partner for our Fund for Louisville capacity building grants program to help local nonprofits’ ability to achieve their mission, operate more effectively and build long-term stability.

Questions about giving and planning?

Heather Cash, JD
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Vice President Development & Stewardship
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Jennifer Fust-Rutherford, JD
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Director of Gift Planning
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