Louisville Health Equity Fund

About the Health Equity Fund

Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be healthier. In October 2016, Louisville/Jefferson County was awarded the Culture of Health prize in recognition of our significant efforts to advance health equity in our city. Along with national recognition, Louisville received $25,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Seeing the prize funds as an investment in our future, we have linked arms with other partners in our community to leverage and grow the initial prize money, founding the Louisville Health Equity Fund. The Community Foundation of Louisville’s role is to provide fund and grant management and to work in partnership with Center for Health Equity to manage the project. Our hope is that Louisville’s Health Equity Fund advances our culture of health by demonstrating the promise of collaboration, innovation, and intentional investment with a racial equity lens.


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Health Equity Outcomes in our Community

Despite years of collaboration in Louisville, KY, there remain deep inequities resulting in a persistent 12.6 year life expectancy difference patterned along racially segregated geographic divides. For more information about our community’s unequal life outcomes, root causes and remedies, check the resources listed below.

Health Equity Report 2017

Redlining Louisville

Greater Louisville Project

Louisville Neighborhood data Maps from Metro United Way

Devaluation of assets in Black Neighborhoods from the Brookings Institute

Neighborhood Maps from Center for Neighborhoods

For additional information about the Health Equity Fund, please contact:

Ramona Dallum
Ramona Dallum
Senior Vice President, Community Leadership
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