Vogt Awards

The Vogt Awards are funded by the Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville. This endowment fund was established in 1999 by Mr. Henry Vogt Heuser, Sr. to strengthen Louisville’s economic health by supporting innovative startups and inspiring entrepreneurship.

Nearly 20 years of founders, mentors, companies, and selection committee members have been a part of this legacy, thanks to the vision and generosity of Henry Vogt Heuser, Sr.

Applications for the 2020 Vogt Awards will open Spring 2020.

Supporting Innovative Startups

The Vogt Awards serve as our community’s local seed fund providing fuel for innovators and inventors and serving as an early signal to investors. Through non-dilutive seed funding for local early stage companies, 78 Louisville-area companies have been supported since the award launched in 2000.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

The Vogt Awards provides much more than funding. As an award winner, you will receive 10 weeks of intense training coupled with support from highly-qualified mentors who have demonstrated success in entrepreneurship.

2019 Vogt Award Winners

Raise The Bar Management | www.raisethebarmgmt.com

Raise The Bar Management is a cloud-based learning management system designed to optimize hospitality training and staff performance.


TackleHack | tacklehack.com

TackleHack is an open-sourced e-commerce marketplace dedicated to small batch and custom outdoor gear.

Borderless | getborderless.com 

Borderless is a fintech company giving merchants a cheaper, faster and safer alternative to credit cards.


Moolathon | moolathon.com

Moolathon is a social fundraising platform and fitness tracker.


Unitonomy | unitonomy.com

Unitonomy is the first platform that helps companies grow, manage and measure their culture via SaaS software.

Forecastr  | www.financialmodel.io

Forecastr a platform that constructs a custom forecasting model for your business, which can be used for budgeting, cash flow management and raising capital.

Previous Winners

Breath Diagnostics, Inc. | www.breathdiagnosticsinc.com

Breath Diagnostics has developed a patented technology to detect lung cancer by analyzing a patient’s breath for four cancer specific markers. The test, OneBreath, is easily administered, readily deploy-able, has no associated risks and has the potential to save millions of lives while saving the healthcare industry billions of dollars.

Curio Learning | www.curiolearning.com

An ed+tech startup focused on professional development in education. Our initial web and mobile application allows teachers to discover, curate, and collaborate on ideas and strategies that make an impact inside, and outside, of the classroom.

Collabra | https://collabramusic.com

Collabra is a suite of uniquely combined ed-tech tools helping arts instructors and their students save time, meet institutional and state requirements, ensure accountability, easily exchange feedback, accelerate growth, and quantify results.  Instructors and students obtain private accounts and use Collabra’s tools suite to record and cloud archive unlimited audio / video lessons, practices, assessments and time-stamped feedback.  Students (or institutions) pay a subscription for Collabra, and accounts are accessed via web-enabled devices.

G3 Tri-Tech | www.g3tritech.com

We design, develop, manufacture and market products for the dedicated triathlete community to help them obtain a competitive edge in swimming, cycling and running. Our first goal is to launch the Infinite Swim, a lightweight, ultra-portable training device for both the competitive and casual swimmer. Our mission is to continue to design and develop new products for the triathlete community.

MailHaven | www.mailhaven.co.

Mailhaven is the intelligent solution for inefficiencies in the last mile of the supply chain. We eliminate stolen packages and missed deliveries with a curbside smart mailbox that secures packages. We also provide a more convenient online shopping experience through our mobile app that allows consumers to track and manage their deliveries across couriers. This integrated product gives homeowners, couriers, and retailers the accountability they need for a worry-free eCommerce.

RMC Solutions | www.rmccyclone.com

RMC Solutions patented, manufactures and sells the RMC Cyclone™ (“Cyclone”),  the only automated daily washout system that removes uncured concrete from  rear and front discharge mixer truck and central mixer drums used in the Ready Mix Concrete industry, thereby ending the the buildup of hardened concrete inside the drums.

Babylocity | www.babylocity.com

A company designed to develop high quality, innovative products for babies on-the-go. Its first product is the Mix&Go, an all-in-one baby feeding bottle, a practical solution for mothers who are formula feeding their babies when they are away from home. The Mix&Go utilizes separate compartments for water and formula in one comprehensive unit.

FreshFry | www.freshfry.me

The vast majority of America’s 980,000 restaurants operate a frying line. In most restaurants, oil expenses exceed the cost of every other fry-line item excluding the food. FreshFry is a restaurant oil management company that eliminates 20% of annual oil costs by remediating and monitoring the quality of fryer oil in restaurants through its easy and low-cost oil remediation product.

The Recovery Station | www.therecoverystation.com

The Recovery Station manufactures, markets and services a sleek kiosk that perfectly blends customized protein shakes when and where needed. Their first target customers are gyms that want to provide nutrition options to their members but are unable to spend the $25-50K in capital costs and ongoing labor costs to staff a smoothie bar. They provide the kiosk able to access water and the raw ingredients (protein, add-ons like flax seed oil, peanut butter) to gyms via drop shipments from a bulk processor.

GearBrake | www.gearbrake.com

For motorcycle riders, GearBrake knows when you’re engine braking, downshifting or using the brakes and will flash the brakes, automatically. GearBrake is an easy to install, universal brake light module that provides enhanced visibility and safety reassurance to motorcycle riders. By using a 2-second pulsing alert to grab the attention of following vehicles, their product can alert surrounding traffic that the motorcycle is slowing, thereby saving lives and reducing injury from potential crashes.

ModBox | www.modboxstorage.com

A manufacturer of modular style jobsite storage boxes for a wide array of targets including large and small contractors, ship builders and the military. The ModBox technology reduces shipping costs and storage volume.

Liberate Medical | www.liberatemedical.com

Designed to improve quality of life and reduce medical costs for patients with respiratory complications, Liberate Medical is developing two devices based on electrical stimulation. VentFree is a physician’s tool, which is designed for the hospital setting. SecondBreath is a wearable, assistive device designed to enhance breathing in patients with COPD.

Two Dimensional Instruments | www.e2di.com

Two Dimensional Instruments was founded to invent, manufacture and market a new type of electronic instrument (the data-viewer) to help industrial and business users protect themselves from equipment failures, comply with government regulations and reduce costs.

MB Device  |  www.mbdevice.com

MB Device is a medical product that will save babies’ lives. Premature births cause pain and suffering to newborns, parents, and to society as a whole. It is a major burden on taxpayer’s health care dollars in the amount of $26 billion per year in the US alone. MB Device can predict premature labor before the mother or doctor can sense any changes. MB Device sits next to the cervix and transmits a wireless signal to the pregnant mother and doctor, giving advanced notification of preterm labor. By providing this early detection, doctors can take actions to prolong the pregnancy.

Neuronetrix | www.neuronetrix.com

Neuronetrix is a biotechnology company bringing the first noninvasive dyslexia screening system for widespread clinical use in newborns to market. The cornerstone of Neuronetrix’ innovative screening technology is the discovery of a brain-wave signature for dyslexia, which has been transformed into a patent pending, automated screening system called: R.E.A.D.S.™ (Rapid Early Auditory Dysfunction Screening).

The Tire Ball Development Company | www.tireballs.com

The Tire Ball Development Company (TBDC) is a spin-off of an innovative off-road vehicle component manufacturer, SRC Summers Racing Components Inc. The Product Family: a flat-proof tire inflation system based on individual balls or air cells. The revolutionary product line is a tire inflation system that offers not only virtual flat-proof characteristics but simultaneously improves traction and improves suspension performance. The balls (air-cells) replace vulnerable inner tubes and tube-less inflation systems.

Simpak International | www.simpakinternational.com

Simpak International manufactures and produces SimPads, patented packaging products made of peanuts that are vacuum packed within an engineered plastic film. Simpads offer shippers a simple to use, low cost, reusable packing solution. Time savings and reduced product damage are benefits that have made SimPads the new standard in packaging.

WaterSaver Technologies | www.watersavertech.com

WaterSaver Technologies has developed a patented water-saving device, the Aqus, that takes used water from the bathroom sink, shower or tub and treats it and uses the water to flush the nearby toilet, conserving the fresh water normally used.

Sentinel Pediatric Biosensors

Sentinel has developed a system that helps parents intercept febrile seizures in toddlers. The system sounds an alarm when the temperature pattern indicates the conditions of a febrile seizure.

Lawn Solutions Commercial Products | www.lawnsolutionscp.com

Lawn Solutions Commercial Products has developed a unique, user-friendly power seeder called Turf Revitalizer. Key aspects of this patented product include fewer parts and being more lightweight— weighing approximately 200 pounds—than standard power seeders weighing up to 450 pounds. These features offer Turf Revitalizer users more ease of use and increased productivity at a competitive price.

Lawn Solutions Commercial Products | www.lawnsolutionscp.com

Lawn Solutions Commercial Products has developed a unique, user-friendly power seeder called Turf Revitalizer. Key aspects of this patented product include fewer parts and being more lightweight— weighing approximately 200 pounds—than standard power seeders weighing up to 450 pounds. These features offer Turf Revitalizer users more ease of use and increased productivity at a competitive price.

GreenerWay LLC

GreenerWay created an advanced energy monitoring and control device that allows home- and business-owners to better manage their energy consumption and lower utility bills. The device provides detailed information, via a personal computer, about the amount of energy used by individual circuits and users are able to monitor and control energy use remotely.

NaugaNeedles | www.nauganeedles.com

NaugaNeedles has developed a method of nano-fabrication which can be used to mass produce specialized nano-force and nano-bio sensors, called Needle-probes, at a market-competitive price.

WindStream Technologies | www.windstream-inc.com

WindStream developed a patented small vertical turbine aka “Turbo Mill”. The device can effectively capture wind in non-windy environments such as metro areas, etc. to maximize the use of alternative renewable energy sources, wind power, to produce electricity and deliver a breadth of intelligent products based on solutions for a mass-market.

necoPlastics | www.necoplastics.com

necoPlastics utilizes a patented technology to create a 100% recycled plastic resin. This patented technology enables them to recycle unsorted mixed-plastics that currently have little or no value and are being disposed of in landfills. Compared to other resins, this material will be less expensive, comparable in performance, and environmentally friendly.

BFW | www.bfwinc.com

BFW is a manufacturer and marketer of high-intensity surgical illuminators and a headlight/video camera system and developed the ChromaLUME Plasma Surgical Headlight system.

Techshot Lighting | www.techshotlighting.com

Techshot Lighting has produced an LED-based shelter lighting system that boasts a 60% lower life cycle cost while producing better light than competing fluorescent-based systems. Their irst customer is the United States Marine Corps who is currently testing their flagship lighting product in tents over in Afghanistan.

Psyche C-PAP Pillow

Psyche has designed a new, butterfly-shaped pillow to help the sleep apnea patient get a good night’s sleep. It is the only true visco-elastic memory foam pillow on the market for the treatment of sleep apnea. Psyche helps facilitate C-PAP therapy by allowing the patient to sleep on their side while providing proper neck support. The patented x-bands also manage the tubing, which connects the C-PAP machine to the mask. The Cool-Max cover helps regulate body temperature and perspiration.

INVEN | www.invenllc.com

INVEN is a developer of proprietary dental healthcare technologies. The company was founded in January 2010 and is developing the innovative INTELLIDONTIC endodontic file to improve the efficiency and lower risk for root canal procedures.

Mobile MedTek | www.mobilemedtek.com

A company focused on the mobilization of medical technologies, with a goal to change the way medical testing is performed in the future. Products and services are customized to each client’s specifications allowing the client to be more productive and thus more profitable.

Ikotech | www.ikotech.com

A company leading the bio-technology business world, specializing in novel, high-speed magnetic cell sorting systems for use in life science applications.

TriBlue Engineering Corporation

There are over 1 million active oil and gas wells in the U.S. and most of them see production suffer due to the lower quality gas that is extracted – this is known as sour gas. TriBlue has developed a gas sweetening unit that makes processing sour gas more economical and allows additional revenue streams to be made available because of the improved quality of the byproducts. All of this is done with units that are smaller and cost less to install and operate than existing technologies.


Sunstrand is a supplier of biomaterials for polymer composite reinforcement and filler. Sunstrand acquires raw agricultural feed stocks and through a series of novel manufacturing processes, converts them to forms compatible with composites and plastics in general. These products are developed by composite engineers and material scientists with attention to detail and rigorous mechanical testing.

Stinger Equipment

Stinger Equipment is designing the DL-22, a concrete table saw with its own engine and dust collection allowing users to cut concrete blocks without putting themselves at risk of silica dust inhalation.  Intended for the Hardscapes market, this innovation has the goals of reducing operator fatigue and health risks.

Inscope Medical Solutions

Inscope Medical has developed an innovative technology that optimizes intubation, improving this high-risk procedure’s efficiency, speed and safety — saving lives and lowering costs to healthcare providers.  The OneScope is a patent-pending wireless-enabled laryngoscope that integrates several devices into one. Leveraging 35 years’ experience in healthcare, Inscope’s management team will bring this disruptive device to the $1.2B market.

Hue Innovations

Hue Innovations is developing Micolor, a machine that includes a scanner, polish shaker and ink that customizes any non-toxic regular and gel nail polish color on demand for nail salons.  Currently salons waste 50% of polish, experience high toxic levels and lack color choices in spite of having thousands of bottles.

WeatherCheck | weathercheck.co

Saves real estate investors and owners money by monitoring mobile and immobile assets for severe weather risks and alerting them to claim filing opportunities via a web-based application and SMS notifications.

RCM Brain  |  rcmbrain.com

Uses technology to help medical practices collect more money from insurance companies. A combination of software automation and artificial intelligence allows the platform to complete the majority of tasks associated with getting a claim paid.

Meta Construction Technologies | meta-ct.com

A construction-technology firm that gives control to the heavy highway industry with an innovative virtual fleet management and dispatch software solution, BlackTop.

The LoKator System | lokatorpitchingacademy.com

Founded by MLB pitcher Steve Stemle to measure pitch quality beyond just balls and strikes through the state of the art vision algorithms and a subscription-based app, LoKator Bullpen, that stores pitcher data in a proprietary cloud database.

HeXalayer  |  hexalayer.com

An advanced material R&D and manufacturing startup, with a patent-pending new type of Graphene material that improves Lithium-ion battery capacity by 400-600%.

CASPER Security | caspersecurity.com

Helps cites monitor abandoned properties for trespassers and fires so we can all live in safer neighborhoods.

True Secure SCADA |  wadea.net

Founded in 2013, True Secure SCADA (TSS) is helping utilities, manufacturing companies, and others defend against cyber-based attacks against the networked equipment that they use to manage and control physical systems. Our flagship product SCADA-Guard (TM) is built on nearly a decade of research and patented technology to protect SCADA devices from cyber-security threats.

sport.io | sport.io/en

A registration and analytics platform for amateur sporting events. sport.io enables athletes to integrate their fitness data, results, and community in a central location, and provides organizers with tools and market insight to engage with athletes and grow their events.

Pascal Tags | pascaltags.co

A first of it’s kind truly passive inventory tag. This patent pending battery-free inventory tag tells companies truly what is in their inventory and where it is located. Manufacturing is the entry market as the technology is the first technology to ever rival Barcode for ease of use and price.

Enriched Couples  |  enrichedapp.com

Our app guides young couples through must-have conversations about money to develop financial teamwork and richer relationships based on their personal values.

Dry Baby |  mydrybaby.com

The sole manufacturer of liquid and stain repellent, 100% cotton baby apparel. Babies are messy, but Dry Baby’s innovative apparel keeps children dry, comfortable, and clean all day. Dry Baby stand alone – we are fashion meets function.

Agent Ally | myagentally.com

Agent Ally builds tools for health insurance agents, who sell Medicare plans that save time, create personalized recommendations and provide talking points tailored to their clients’ unique needs.


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