Mahogany Bryant

In 2017, Mahogany Bryant graduated from Spalding University with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Science from the School of Liberal Studies.

Mahogany joined the Philanthropic Services department as a Senior Associate in 2021. Since then, she has gained a clearer understanding of philanthropy and its needs in our city.

Mahogany has an incredible knack for finding humor in every situation, and her laughter is truly contagious. She loves making others smile and finds great joy in getting to know people from all walks of life. Her warm and welcoming nature makes everyone feel at ease.

In her free time, Mahogany immerses herself in the beauty of nature. She’s an avid gardener, finding peace and satisfaction in nurturing her plants and watching them flourish. Her garden is a testament to her patience and love for creation, filled with vibrant flowers, fresh herbs, and vegetables.

In moments of quiet reflection, Mahogany enjoys observing creation. She finds wonder in the natural world, from the intricate patterns of a leaf to the majestic beauty of a sunset. This sense of awe and appreciation for the world’s wonders fuels her creativity and deepens her sense of gratitude for the life she leads.

“For all things, I have the strength through the one who gives me power.” (Philippians 4:13)

Mahogany Bryant
Mahogany Bryant
Senior Associate, Philanthropic Services