Christina Miller


Christina Miller first joined the Community Foundation in May 2021 and currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications.

She graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina in 2012, where she earned her M.S. in Applied Clinical Psychology. After graduation, Christina entered the nonprofit sector and never looked back. Her passion for helping others led her to work with children in the foster care system for nearly a decade. “I believe that much of the pain and violence we witness in our world is rooted in generational trauma,” said Christina. “So, if I can help even one child break away from their trauma cycle and show resilience, then that is one more person who will be a part of creating a better world for us all.”

In 2017, Christina made the career switch from providing therapeutic treatment to focusing on communications and fundraising for nonprofits. What she loves most about fundraising is helping nonprofits tell their story in a compelling way that drives action. Witnessing the impact that intentional giving has on individuals, nonprofits, and the community renews her faith in humanity and motivates her to keep moving forward with her advocacy work. Christina’s main goal in life is to help as many people as possible gain access to the resources they need to not just survive but live a happy and fulfilling life.

Christina is a proud queer Kentuckian native who loves live music, being in nature (especially when a body of water is involved), traveling abroad, and spending quality time with her nearest and dearest.

Christina Miller
Christina Miller
Director, Marketing & Communications