Using personal pronouns

The Community Foundation of Louisville is incorporating the use of personal pronouns to create an inclusive and empowering environment and a respectful way to recognize how people want to be addressed.

Names and pronouns are personal and important to each individual’s identity. That’s why we are making it a priority to implement the inclusive use of pronouns into our everyday communication.

You may have noticed an increasing use of pronouns in introductions, on nametags, and in meetings. We are implementing this practice because when you share your pronouns, you are letting others know how you want to be addressed related to your identity.

Most people tend to use the pronouns “she/her” or “he/him.”  In addition, people may prefer to use a gender-neutral or gender-inclusive pronoun such as “they/them.”

Here are two simple ways to begin integrating your pronouns, if you feel comfortable in doing so:

  • Introduce yourself with your pronouns. For example, “Hi, I’m Riley. I use she/her pronouns.”
  • Add your pronouns to name tags so that when you meet new people at events, they can know immediately how you would like to be addressed.