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Created by visionary philanthropists who wanted to support their community today and beyond their own lifetimes, the Fund for Louisville allows the Community Foundation to respond to emerging needs and opportunities in the Louisville area.  Because the Fund for Louisville is endowed, the earnings from the fund will support our community forever.

Commitment to Capacity Building

Over the past five years, the Fund for Louisville, together with a CFL donor, our partner foundations, Lift a Life Foundation and the James Graham Brown Foundation, has awarded 98 capacity building grants totaling nearly $1.7 million.

We believe that strong nonprofit organizations lead to more effective programs and greater community impact. By investing in these organizations for things like technology upgrades, strategy development, professional development and evaluation and feasibility studies, we have helped strengthen the leaders, systems, and plans that enable nonprofits to pursue and achieve their missions.

For a full list of previous grantees, check out the link below:

Strategic Focus: 2019 Capacity Building Grants

As a founding partner and continuing supporter of the Greater Louisville Project, we were drawn to its 2015 report on poverty. The report highlights how multi-dimensional poverty (e.g. scarcity in education, health, income and employment) disproportionately affects Louisville’s western and south central neighborhoods and demonstrates clearly how scarcity in parts of our community affects us all.

Compelling and actionable, the report highlighted 11 zip codes, shaded in red and orange on this map of Louisville, as most impacted by longstanding disinvestment. Building on the rich history and assets of the neighborhoods in these 11 zip codes, CFL and its partners are investing to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits working in these areas.

To view the 2015 Greater Louisville Project report, follow the link below.

The application period for a 2020 Capacity Building Grant opens in June 2019.  

To view a submitted grant application, and download in PDF format, please visit  CFL’s grant website.

For more information about the Fund for Louisville capacity building grants, please read/review:

    1. Overview and frequently asked questions
    2. List of resources used by past grantees to complete their capacity building projects.
    3. Grant writing tips
    4. A PDF version of the 2019 Letter of Intent (LOI)  (you will complete and submit the LOI on the CFL grant website)
    5. A PDF version of the 2019 Full Application  (selected organizations will be invited to submit a full application on the CFL grant website after review of the LOIs.


For additional information about the Fund for Louisville Grants Program, contact Liz.

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