Welcoming the 2018 Hunger Innovation Fellow

On January 18, the Community Foundation of Louisville gathered with friends at Manhattan on Broadway to welcome Monique Kuykendoll Quarterman as the inaugural Hunger Innovation Fellow and celebrate the power of innovation and knowledge. The room was full of excitement as Quarterman engaged with guests to learn about what is important to the people focusing on ending food insecurity in Louisville.

Quarterman’s introduction as the Hunger Innovation Fellow came after local nonprofit organizations, corporate leaders, civic officials and public health representatives participated in a four-month Hunger Innovation Fellowship selection process. Serving on the selection committee, Dr. Brandy Kelly-Pryor said, “Monique has great experiences and a positive drive that will accelerate the work.  Her awareness of cultural planning and an understanding about technology is also relevant and important.”

Quarterman was selected for her experience as a program manager and consultant of innovative growth initiatives. She is a co-founder and organizer of Louisville’s Diversity Pitch Fest, a grassroots, economic development initiative supporting minority entrepreneurs. During her tenure as University of Louisville’s Innovation Unit Project Manager, she managed UofL’s Innovation & Economic Prosperity Designation. She intends to apply knowledge and best practices from entrepreneurship and academic research to the challenge of food insecurity.  She has a strong desire to learn about the complexity of improving food access from local experts.

During the Fellowship, Quarterman will build relationships with key stakeholders in the public, private and civic sectors to fully understand efforts addressing food insecurity in Louisville. She will meet with both local leaders and recipients of services to identify strengths, inventory services and uncover gaps.

“Monique undoubtedly has the skill and competence to lead this work,” said Ashley Butler, Executive Director of the Lift a Life Foundation. “I believe her status as a food insecurity outsider will be a tremendous asset to uncovering solutions that may even inspire change for other communities facing similar challenges.”

In collaboration with these stakeholders, Quarterman will assist the community in developing implementable strategies that will significantly improve collective efforts to reduce food insecurity. “Too much of Louisville suffers from hunger and food insecurity. No more. Through this partnership, I hope to help those in need and make Louisville a better, healthier city,” said Quarterman.

With a goal of leveraging the success of current efforts, Quarterman expressed her excitement to begin this year long fellowship and reminded everyone that, “This effort can’t succeed without you – the community. Together, we can make Louisville a healthier, more food-accessible place.”

Interested in learning more about the Hunger Innovation Fellowship? Visit https://www.cflouisville.org/grants-partnerships/hunger-innovation-fellowship/