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The Wilderness Trace Community Foundation is dedicated to enriching the quality of life for all citizens in the counties of Boyle, Mercer, Garrard and Lincoln counties. The Foundation serves the charitable interests of donors who have established charitable funds as part of a permanent, collective, philanthropic resource for the current and future needs of the region.

The Wilderness Trace Community Foundation is an affiliate foundation of the Community Foundation of Louisville, a tax-exempt public charity that administers charitable funds created by individuals, businesses and organizations for the betterment of their communities.

The Wilderness Trace Community Foundation was organized in 2002 to provide the services of a community foundation to local residents and to begin building a collective charitable endowment for the Wilderness Trace area.

If you’d like to make a contribution to one of the general funds at the Wilderness Trace Community Foundation you may do so by clicking Give Now at the top right of this page.

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Contribute to Our Local Funds

Dr. Brown named the Wilderness Trace Community Foundation—which serves Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer Counties—as a beneficiary of the remainder of his charitable trust. His generous bequest to the Community Foundation created the Richard C. Brown Fund—the Foundation’s first general endowment fund for the betterment of the region. Each year the board can award a grant to help meet the community needs in the four counties it serves.


To support the Richard C. Brown Fund for the Wilderness Trace Community, please click here.

  • The Mercer County Community Endowment, established in 2011, is a permanent endowment fund of Wilderness Trace Community Foundation that relies on the citizens of Mercer County as its primary source of funding.
  • The Mercer County Community Endowment has a five-fold mission:(1) Make Mercer County a better place today and in the future
    (2) Inspire more volunteering of time and talent
    (3) Set an example of giving for our children
    (4) Grow resources for our community every day
    (5) Raise awareness about the needs of Mercer County
  • The Mercer County Community Endowment Focuses on agribusiness, the arts, education, health, youth and the general well-being of the county. A nonprofit organization must be a 501(c)(3) public charity to receive grant funding.


To support the Mercer County Community Endowment Fund, please click here.

The Constitution Square Fund and the Danville Tree Fund are supported by the Danville/Boyle County Community Endowment.


To support the Danville/Boyle County Community Endowment Fund, please click here.

To support the Lincoln County Community Endowment Fund, please click here.

We plant trees along the sidewalks of Danville. Each year we plant at least 50 trees.

Each year we raise about $5000 locally, and seek a matching grant from Kentucky Utilities. We have a wonderful partnership: the citizens raise the money, the utility matches, the County Extension office picks the species, the Beautification Committee secures the sites, the Community Foundation manages the money, and the city of Danville does all the planting and maintenance.

We are looking to have sizable trees – 3″ diameter, about ten feet high. These will cost about $200 each. Since we hope to have a matching grant, $100 will buy a tree. Any amount is helpful.


To support the Danville Tree Fund, please click here.

To support the Friends of Garrard County for Logan Hubble Parks Fund, please click here.

To support the Friends of Constitution Square Endowment Fund, please click here.

Advisory Board

  • Andrea Miller (Lincoln County)
  • Beau Weston (Boyle County)
  • Carol Conover (Mercer County)
  • David Faulkner (Lincoln County)
  • Flem Messer (Boyle County)
  • Greg Cobetto (Mercer County)
  • Harry Nickens (Boyle County)
  • Harold McKinney (Boyle County)
  • James Bushnell (Garrard County)
  • Jill Cutler (Mercer County)
  • Mary Adrianne Davis (Garrard County)
  • Ronnie Deatherage (Lincoln County)
  • Scottie Ernst (Lincoln County)
  • Tom Poland (Boyle County)

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Tom Poland
Advisory Board Chair
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Michael Pfaff
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Grants Coordinator
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