Oldham County Community Foundation: Find the Helpers

In the now-famous words of Mr. Rogers, “Look for the helpers,” but if you can’t find one, be one. Our grant distribution looked a little different this year as the pandemic took over everyone’s news feed and informed the OCCF’s decision to increase our flexibility in funding. Two critical decisions were reached earlier in the year; the first was the compassionate decision to partner with the Oldham County Red Cross Food Pantry and Dare to Care to assist with emergency support for our local food banks to provide sustenance in food desert areas.  The second was to move forward our annual grants process in order to reach agencies’ more immediate needs.

The OCCF grants committee typically meets in August to discuss allocations which are then approved by the full Board and awarded in October. However, this unique year required us to adapt a more flexible approach, and our grants committee responded with quick care and consideration in meeting and making recommendations to our board in June. This desire to put resources back into the community during a much needed time was shared by our partner  funders, and we received additional support from The Humana Foundation as part of their allocation through the One Louisville: Covid19 Response Fund.

“The Humana Foundation is honored to support Oldham County services focused on improving and achieving greater health equity,” said Walter D. Woods, Chief Executive Officer of The Humana Foundation.  “We are committed to building the health and wellbeing of our local communities.”

This year’s recipients are: the Brownsboro Community Center, Brownsboro Conservation Council, CASA, Creasy Mahan, Little Colonels Playhouse, Oldham County Red Cross, Second Stride, Seven Counties, Visually Impaired Preschool Services, and Yew Dell. Grants totaled$32,718.02.  Additionally, the Inasmuch Fund graciously contributed over $2,000 to each of the following non-profits:  Prodigal Ministries, Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center, High Point Services, and Good News Homes. With the increase of funds from our partners, we were able to provide awards for a totaling over $47,500.00 — funding areas which include everything from PPE, laptop computers, equipment for enhanced virtual experiences, and much more.

Well done, Oldham County, in being the helpers!

Contributed by: Emily C. Moore, OCCF Advisory Board member, OCCF Grants Committee member