Notes From the Chair

Dear Friends,

The Oldham County Community Foundation reached two milestones in this most interesting year. The first is that we are a DECADE old!

The second is one that would not have been possible without the support of our community of donors. In the six short years since we began our grants process in 2014, we have granted over $200,000.00 toward addressing the needs of Oldham County.

Along the way, we have developed partnerships and built relationships that have allowed the Oldham County Community Foundation to live out its mission “to support and promote Oldham County.”

  • Our Workforce Readiness Oldham County initiative changed its model from in-person programming to ZOOM workshops. With unemployment rates climbing at a noticeable rate, being able to continue this initiative through Kentuckiana Works has been imperative for the health of our county. To date, Workforce Readiness Oldham County has served 37 of our neighbors; 12 were assisted in the month of October, and 14 were assisted with job placement.
  • We’ve increased grants to support direct services in Oldham County through support of the One Louisville Regional Fund and a specific grant from the HUMANA Foundation. These included additional funding to the Oldham County Red Cross for their Food Pantry, laptops for the Big Brother program, and “building for success” services through programing for the Visually Impaired Preschool students.
  • We are grateful to the HUMANA Foundation, along with the Pat & Gene Snyder Fund and the Inasmuch Fund among others, for the ability to increase our funding through our recent grants process, through which we awarded over $47,500 in 2020.
  • We continue to develop new avenues to combat food insecurity and inequality, as well as the need for logistic support to fulfill the burgeoning need in our community.

We find ourselves reaching the end of our year with hopes for all to be able to safely gather with joy amongst family. There are many ways to increase opportunities for families in Oldham County, and we ask respectfully that you consider a gift of joy to go towards one of our many funds within the Oldham County Community Foundation, as well as the opportunity to give directly through the use of the Kentucky Tax Credit Program.

We have many challenges ahead of us as we continue to move forward in our county’s time of need.  Never has it been more important for us to thoughtfully work together to build toward making an impact in our community though charitable giving.

$200,000.00 in six short years – imagine how much more we could give with your thoughtful support.

With much appreciation and heartfelt wishes for each of us in 2021, Laurie Anne Roberts, Chair