The Giving Season is Here

Whether you’re starting a new fund or contributing to your existing fund during this holiday season, let the Community Foundation of Louisville help you make the most impact possible with your charitable giving.

Already have a fund with the Community Foundation of Louisville?

Now is a great time to add to your fund at the Community Foundation and our entire team is here to help you. When you contribute to your charitable fund, you aren’t just giving money—you’re making a difference in our community.

We can work with you now to ensure any new contributions are received by year’s end, which will allow you to take a tax deduction in this calendar year. Remember that with the stock market at an all-time high, publicly traded stock and other marketable securities make some of the best charitable gifts. You can deduct the fair market value and avoid the capital gains tax you would pay if you sold the stock.

For Gifts To Your Fund:
Please contact Heather CashDana Johnson or Mike Schultz. Checks need to be postmarked by December 30 (the U.S. Postal Service will not be open Sunday, December 31 to postmark mail) for donors to claim a tax deduction in the 2017 calendar year. For gifts of stock, mutual funds and other assets, please contact the Community Foundation ASAP to ensure a 2017 gift. If you are 70 and ½ and want to contribute some of your IRA distributions tax-free, don’t forget to ask about the IRA Charitable Rollover program!

If you have questions about Fund, your funds available for grantmaking or your statement, please contact Kate Biagi-Rickert or Elise Waddell.

For Grants From Your Fund:
This is also the time of year that many donors are making end-of-year grants to their favorite nonprofit organizations. Log-in to your Fund account to submit an online grant recommendation. Please try to make your grant recommendations by December 8 to ensure their arrival to nonprofits by December 31. For grant questions, please contact Chelsea VanHook and Michael Pfaff.

Interested in starting a charitable fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville?

If you don’t already have a fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville, now is a great time to start. When you begin a charitable fund, you aren’t just giving money—you’re making a difference in our community.

If you are planning for a charitable tax deduction this year but are undecided about which nonprofits to support, consider opening a donor-advised fund or charitable checking fund at the Community Foundation. You can claim a deduction in this calendar year for contributions to your fund even though distributions from the fund might be made in future years. You can give now and decide later!

It can take as little as one phone call to set up a new fund, so call Heather Cash at 502.855.6955 today to learn which fund-option is the best fit for your charitable goals.

We wish everyone Happy Holidays and “good giving!”