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Repurpose Two-Acres for Smoketown’s Benefit

In 2015, two families joined together to support the proud, vibrant, and historic Smoketown community. One family donated two-acres of land at the corner of Preston and Finzer Streets where the family had once made Louisville Slugger baseball bats while the second family contributed financially. Their goal was to work with Smoketown residents and other partners to build something on the land to make the neighborhood even better.

Reaching out to the Community Foundation of Louisville (CFL), the families asked for support to help them do something big in Smoketown. While CFL had never led an initiative like this before, we were willing to try and eagerly launched the Smoketown Wheelhouse. At the 2018 Smoketown Get Down, Smoketown saw plans to use the lot for a Boys and Girls Club and Bernheim Arboretum designed green space. A lot has happened since that time.

CFL is committed to working with Smoketown to make the Preston & Finzer Street property a community benefit. This website contains important updates regarding the property. We invite you to explore the website to learn the latest. Please feel free to share and discuss this website with your family, friends, and neighbors.

What’s the Current Situation with the Property? Ramona Dallum Lindsey, Senior Program Officer shares the latest news.

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What are Smoketown’s questions?

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Who is the Community Foundation and how do they help communities?

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