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Starting a Smoketown Community Fund

Thanks to recommendations from people in Smoketown and a community-based committee, the two-acres of land at the corner of Preston and Finzer streets will be sold in early 2022. The income from the sale will create the Smoketown Community Fund at the Community Foundation. People who live, work, worship and serve in your community will decide how to use the money to support Smoketown.

Tell us what should NOT be built on the land. Your help is needed to protect the land from being turned into something that does not help Smoketown. Through deed restrictions, we can reduce the chances of development that does not fit or benefit your community.

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What Do You NOT Want to See in Smoketown?

How will this land help Smoketown?

How will the Community Foundation be a Smoketown partner?

How can deed restrictions help Smoketown?

Who helped make the decision to sell the land and create the Smoketown Community Fund?

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Our recommendation

Text “Smoketown Future” to (888) 490-2713 to receive updates about the Smoketown Preston & Finzer Street property.

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