Local Leadership Leads to Global Impact

Trisha Finnegan, Vice President, Mission & Impact, at the Community Foundation of Louisville (CFL) is being recognized for global leadership with her selection as an incoming member of the Board of Directors for the Community Foundations of Canada (CFC). CFC represents nearly 200 community foundations making Canadian communities better places to live, work, and play.  Governed by a board of 17 members, CFC holds one seat for an international representative who they believe can add diversity of experience, perspective, and capabilities to the progressive work already underway.

“Trisha is a thoughtful, focused leader in the global community philanthropy movement and we are excited to welcome her to our board of directors,” says Andrew Chunilall, CEO of CFC. “We believe her experience in the sector in the US, combined with her knowledge of the corporate sector – among many of her other qualifications – will be extremely valuable as CFC continues to grow and evolve on local and global initiatives.”

CFC first became aware of Trisha’s work in Mexico City in February 2018 at the Council on Foundations North American Community Foundations Summit where she presented on impact investing. The summit was designed to bring together community foundation leaders from the US, Mexico, and Canada to discuss shared challenges and opportunities for building more resilient and sustainable communities across North America. Other representatives from CFL included Susan Barry, President & CEO, board Vice Chair, Stephanie Smith, and board member, Lopa Mehrotra, all sharing work and learning from others around the most innovative practices of community foundations meeting local needs.

“It’s no surprise to me that Trisha has been selected for the Council; she is an innovative and progressive leader who stands out among her peers and colleagues in the field,” says Susan. “We are thrilled for Trisha and cannot wait for her to bring a bit of Canada back to Louisville.”

With the support of the CFL’s board of directors and executive leadership, Trisha begins her three-year term of service with a board meeting in Ottawa on June 26-27.  Trisha looks forward to deep learning on Canada’s most successful approaches to positive community change and sharing that knowledge with our local community.