Have You Seen Our Billboards?

You may have noticed we just launched an exciting billboard campaign to honor individuals who have demonstrated they are “A Force for Good” in Louisville through their service to others and commitment to the community. Whether through the development of programs, civic engagement or charitable giving, the honorees’ efforts are positively impacting the lives of some of the most vulnerable populations in the Louisville area.

We are so excited to flood Louisville with positive imagery of people who embody what it means to be ‘A Force for Good.’ We hope the campaign will inspire others to think how they can be a force for good and see the Community Foundation as a partner in creating a community where people and place thrive.

Our billboard honorees are:

We hope that these billboards have the power to inspire others to be a force for good, so we encourage you to visit our website to check out the summaries of the honorees’ backgrounds and good work they are doing around our city.