The Community Foundation can play a vital and unique role in supporting partners and groups creating good in our community. By assisting others not-yet-incorporated through fiscal sponsorship, we allow change agents to test the viability of charitable efforts, support collective impact initiatives, and create space for collaborations and partnerships that can extend the services provided and collectively increase community good. To ensure our ability to effectively sponsor efforts, each opportunity is assessed individually considering alignment of expertise, resources, needs and opportunity for impact.

Current Supporting Sponsorships

The 15,000 Degrees Initiative (15K) is a collaborative of organizations and individuals whose mission is to create an education movement within Louisville’s African-American community.  The goal is to increase the number of additional African-American degree holders by 15,000 by 2020. 15K works in and with Louisville’s African-American community and other education and economic development stakeholders to drive a movement that will ignite a community that advances college-going and degree completion in pursuit of increased education attainment, life-long learning and an improved quality of life.  The efforts of the 15K Initiative support Louisville’s Greater Education Commitment, 55,000 Degrees.Visit Website.

A community partnership working to improve the educational level of Louisville’s workforce by adding 40,000 bachelor’s degrees and 15,000 associate degrees by 2020. Visit Website.

A three-year project with 17 organizations working in the Collective Impact model to address the root causes of poor health and chronic diseases in Louisville’s most vulnerable children. The goal is to infuse and sustain trauma awareness, knowledge and skills in Jefferson County Public Schools and out-of-school-time providers to facilitate the resiliency and long-term health of children and families. Visit Website.

Organizes community and financial support necessary to add shoulders to River Road in order to reduce accidents between cars and bicycles. Visit website.

A secondary violence prevention effort of 40 organizations using the Collective Impact model to leverage expertise, skills and resources, interrupt the cycle of violence and implement a community-wide, multi-system response to children’s exposure to violence in Louisville.

Created to increase educational attainment in Louisville by facilitating student supports and providing scholarships, enabling children and young adults to make it both to and through college. Evolved out of the collaborative work of 55,000 Degrees, which identified these needs as continued barriers to degree attainment.

An initiative organized by the Community Foundation to act as a catalyst for community action by providing research, data and analytic tools in support of the agenda for civic progress outlined in the Brookings Institution Report, “Beyond Merger:  A Competitive Vision for the Regional City of Louisville.” Visit Website.

An initiative that seeks to unite all known environmental and population health data in one place in order to inform public and private policy aimed at improving the health of Louisville residents and visitors. The two-year sponsorship will focus on early demonstration projects to improve the health of Louisville residents and create an applied research effort in our community. Visit Website.

Created to reduce the burden of cancer by decreasing disparities in access to cancer prevention and early detection services. Visit Website.

A project receiving $2.4 million in local funds as a match for a $4.8 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies to help Louisville Metro improve services and grow jobs in advanced automotive manufacturing. “Innovation Delivery Teams” are working on problem solving and developing a public database to help citizens solve city problems.

A program that seeks to educate local high school students about philanthropy and inspire them through hands-on experiences to become community leaders. Visit Website.

A multi-year effort focused on community wealth building and social mobility in Louisville’s Russell neighborhood. Seeks to create programs and structures that allow existing residents and businesses to benefit from planned and current investment in Russell. Visit Website.

A project that will raise funds and plan for the opening of Louisville’s first LGBT-affirming homeless shelter for young adults. Created to enable the project to raise charitable dollars in support of pre-operational work necessary to plan and prepare for the opening of the facility.

An initiative bringing to Louisville a collection of restored stringed instruments previously owned my Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The collection will be on display for a 10-day exhibition in October 2019 through partner events hosted around the city. Through the exhibition, the initiative hopes to spark dialogue about social justice, art, and freedom of expression. Visit Website. 

Develops engaged citizens by bringing passion, inspiration, and support for local and global service learning and service leadership to all students in Kentucky. Visit Website. 

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