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Hadley Creatives: Generation 3 (2020)

Louisville embraces the arts for entertainment, enrichment, and enlightenment.  The arts are an essential component of a thriving community. But how often do we consider the creatives behind the art we enjoy?  Are we supporting working artists so the term “struggling” is no longer associated with “artists”?  At CFL we believe it’s our responsibility as a community of individuals and institutions to enable art through enabling working artists.  Our signature program, Hadley Creatives, is empowering Louisville’s creative sector through a comprehensive 6-month professional development program. Through our 5-year commitment, we intend to cultivate a supportive community of diverse, multi-disciplinary creatives committed to professional best practices, career planning, and advocacy.  We want all creatives to know that Louisville is truly a community where artists thrive.

The Hadley Creatives is funded by the George & Mary Alice Hadley Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville.

What are Generation 3’s hopes?

15 Artists. 6 months. We are Investing.

Meet Generation 3.
Floor (l-r): Ariadne Calvano, Jane B. Jones, Deena Lilygren
Seated (l-r): Charles Rivera, Amberly M. Simpson, Skylar Smith, Felicia Rose Chavez, Bryn Silverman, Kiana Benhoff
Standing (l-r): Kevin Warth, Shannon Delahanty, Kevin Flores, Monica Stewart, Yunier Ramirez, Rheonna Nicole

Our Hadley Creatives Community

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