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Generation 3 (2020)

Louisville embraces the arts for entertainment, enrichment, and enlightenment.  The arts are an essential component of a thriving community. But how often do we consider the creatives behind the art we enjoy?  Are we supporting working artists so the term “struggling” is no longer associated with “artists”?  At CFL we believe it’s our responsibility as a community of individuals and institutions to enable art through enabling working artists.  Our signature program, Hadley Creatives, is empowering Louisville’s creative sector through a comprehensive 6-month professional development program. Through our 5-year commitment, we intend to cultivate a supportive community of diverse, multi-disciplinary creatives committed to professional best practices, career planning, and advocacy.  We want all creatives to know that Louisville is truly a community where artists thrive.

The Hadley Creatives is funded by the George & Mary Alice Hadley Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville.

15 Artists. 6 Months. We are investing. Are you ready?

What is Hadley Creatives?

Developed in partnership with Creative Capital, a New York-based nonprofit that supports innovative and adventurous artists across the country, Hadley Creatives is a 6-month learning and engagement experience for local visual, literary, and performing artists at a pivotal point in their careers. Through a competitive application process, fifteen artists demonstrating a strong creative vision and a readiness to pursue or extend their careers as working artists are selected. Throughout the six-month program the cohort cultivates a community committed to professional best practices, career planning, expanded peer networks, and personal reflection.

What can I expect from participating in a Hadley Creatives cohort?

Participants can expect opportunities to develop local, regional, and national networks of artists to reach their creative goals while cultivating thriving careers. Creative Capital will provide a framework and space for authentic, transformational connections amongst participating artists.

Creative Capital facilitators will engage with Hadley Creatives participants through a two-day retreat, two intersessions, phone consultations, and a one-day retreat. In addition, four monthly intersessions provide participants opportunities to learn from local cultural leaders and professional experts. Throughout the program participants are encouraged to meet with current and past Hadley Creatives for peer consulting, reflection, and networking sessions.

Friends of Hadley Creatives include local and regional institutions and businesses. Together we are nurturing a robust Hadley Creatives Community.

Are you ready to apply?


Adult artists who consistently spend 15 or more hours weekly in the following art forms: Dance, Music, Media, Theater & Literary, and Visual Art.


Applications are accepted from July 1, 2019 until 5 PM on August 5, 2019. The application is now closed.


Learn about the process we use to select the 15 Hadley Creatives.


Selected artists are committing to full participation.

Do you want help with your application?


Attend a 90 minute workshop detailing strategies for responding to prompts in the Hadley Creatives application. Attendance is voluntary and offered on a first come basis to 40 participants per session. Register at the link below.


Artist volunteers who have received grants from multiple sources will read over your responses for content and clarity before you submit your application. Up to 40 thirty minute sessions will be available on a first come basis. Check back for registration information.

Our Hadley Creatives Community

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