[give] 502


[give] 502 is a giving circle for young professionals who live or work in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area. This is a collaborative group of young leaders who are interested in learning about the nonprofit landscape in Louisville and who want to make a difference. [give] 502’s mission is to engage, educate, and connect individuals with each other and nonprofits through collaborative grant making.

Membership requires an annual contribution of $502. Funds are pooled together for one large grant to a local nonprofit decided upon by a majority vote of the members.

[give] 502 members review applications, go on site-visits, evaluate applications and recommend a finalist to the full membership group for a final vote. Once a year, [give] 502 awards a nonprofit this significant grant and members volunteer their services. There are also several social and philanthropic events throughout the year to further engage members.

Questions? Please email [email protected].

There are no grant opportunities open at this time.