The Next Edition of ForGood Magazine Is Out!!

We hope you enjoy reading the stories in our magazine as much as we enjoy telling them. In this edition, our cover story explores “What Makes a Community?” and the ties that bind us.  Beyond where we live, we look at the people, the shared life circumstances, passions and faith that connect us to one another in ways that can have effects that last a lifetime. Our feature on “Second Chances” looks at the work of the Kristy Love Foundation, Scarlet Hope and Scarlet’s Bakery giving second chances to people who felt they had no chances left. This edition also includes “A Guide to Preserving Your Ethical Values” that serves as a family workbook to help people think through leaving behind more than financial assets. Enjoy these and other stories as you settle in with this latest edition of ForGood.

Questions, comments or suggestions for future editions? Cara Baribeau would love to hear from you at [email protected].