The First 2017 Issue of ForGood Is Out!

Take a moment to enjoy the first 2017 edition of ForGood magazine.  This publication of the Community Foundation of Louisville is an expression of our commitment to promote the understanding and participation in philanthropy in all of its different shapes and forms.

In this edition you will hear stories surrounding a focus on health and the different kinds of challenges people face from diabetes, to asthma, air quality, exposure to violence, food insecurity, educational attainment, and even ZIP Codes that put some at a disadvantage. You will get a glimpse of Wendy Novak and Ashley Novak-Butler’s diabetes center initiative, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health prize, nonprofits working in our community to better the health of others, and advocate Christy Brown encouraging the vocabulary of health as a way to break down the silos that divide us.

Questions, comments or suggestions for future editions? Cara Baribeau would love to hear from you.  [email protected].