Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The Foundation has never wavered in our commitment to our community, to social justice, to break barriers, and to make equity a cornerstone of everything we do. But, we’ve learned so much in conversations over the last nine months and are truly building momentum and holding ourselves accountable.

What matters most is actual change, justice, and equity and we’re implementing changes informed by our re-energized focus on racial justice.  There will always be more to do but we’d like to share these initial activations with you:

  • We are focusing on racial justice through the Fund for Louisville by investing in Black-led social change organizations
  • We’ve started from scratch with our new Diversity Statement to best align with our community and all that we do within the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion (DE&I), and anti-racism
  • Our board is in the midst of reflecting on our new statement and developing how each committee and the Board will integrate and recommend goals and strategies focused on our commitment
  • To be accountable, we must monitor and evaluate our progress for DE&I. We’re developing a “Report Card” to monitor and evaluate our progress and improve our transparency

There is much more to come and we’ll continue to share more.