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"Once you know that there’s support out there in the community for you, it makes you feel stronger about taking the second step and the third and the fourth."


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Strengthening Louisville’s Economic Health

Established by Henry Vogt Heuser, Sr., the Vogt Fund and Awards were created to strengthen Louisville’s economic health by supporting innovative startups and inspiring entrepreneurship. This initiative plays a critical role in our community’s economic growth as a city that’s poised to be a break-out for startups: ensuring the support and success for new and future businesses.

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Leaving a Legacy

Former president of the Henry Vogt Machine Co. Henry Heuser Sr. was a high-tech tinkerer, corporate leader, and philanthropist. Before his death in 1999, he made a $5 million endowed gift to create and perpetually finance The Vogt Invention & Innovation Fund. Its purpose is to memorialize the Vogt engineering tradition in the Louisville region by providing engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs with grants to fund product development and commercialization of ideas. In this photo, Heuser speaks during cornerstone laying ceremony at the University of Louisville. To view the source, click the arrow below.

Tradition of Entrepreneurship

“He named the award for his grandfather (Henry Vogt). His grandfather was a German immigrant, a 26 year old guy with a technology bent and an interest in making things and making a successful business of them. And, those are the people who are working today to achieve those Vogt Awards."


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“If he (Henry Vogt Heuser Sr.) were to be with us today to see the history of the Vogt Invention and Innovation Award, I don't think he could believe how massively it has affected so many people and in such positive ways to celebrate inventions, and business creation.”


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Support the Vogt Invention and Innovation Fund

Access to funding plays an important role in entrepreneurship. The Vogt Awards has successfully supported startups for 20 years. We’re at an opportune time in our history to reflect on success and shape the future. In celebration of 20 years of impact, the Community Foundation of Louisville invites the generous community that supports entrepreneurship to contribute to the growth of the Vogt Invention and Innovation Endowment Fund. Your support will ensure that the Fund continues to make a significant impact in supporting local economic growth as the landscape evolves.

As a community leader in philanthropy, the Community Foundation of Louisville connects donors, nonprofits and civic partners to create lasting impact so that people and place thrive. Founded in 1984, the Community Foundation is one of the largest charitable foundations in Kentucky with more than $700 million in assets and more than 2,200 charitable funds. Each fund has its own charitable purpose as defined by its donors. In 2020, distributions from these funds made over 11,700 grants totaling over $68 million, approximately 82% of which stayed in Kentucky and Southern Indiana to support area nonprofits. www.cflouisville.org.

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