Hadley Creatives

In 2018, the Hadley Creatives initiative was created to empower Louisville’s creative sector through a comprehensive 6-month professional development program. The COVID-19 pandemic drastically impacted the creative support. Consequently, arts organizations have been forced to restructure and pivot. The Foundation is currently working with former Hadley Creatives artists and arts organizations to determine the best way for the Hadley Creatives initiative to support local artists. We remain committed to cultivating a supportive community of diverse, multi-disciplinary creatives committed to professional best practices, career planning and advocacy. The Hadley Creatives is funded by the George & Mary Alice Hadley Fund at the Community Foundation of Louisville.

What are Generation 3’s hopes?

15 Artists. 6 months. We are Investing.

Meet Generation 3.
Floor (l-r): Ariadne Calvano, Jane B. Jones, Deena Lilygren
Seated (l-r): Charles Rivera, Amberly M. Simpson, Skylar Smith, Felicia Rose Chavez, Bryn Silverman, Kiana Benhoff
Standing (l-r): Kevin Warth, Shannon Delahanty, Kevin Flores, Monica Stewart, Yunier Ramirez, Rheonna Nicole

Our Hadley Creatives Community

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Ramona Dallum
Ramona Dallum
Vice President, Equity & Impact
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