CFL Emergency Relief Fund – 2018 Ohio River Flood

Community foundations have a long history of standing ready in times of need. The historic flooding of the Ohio River provides a clear example of how residents’ lives can change quickly and prompted us to ask how we can do more to help our neighbors in situations like these.  Joining others responding to community needs, the Community Foundation of Louisville is activating our CFL Emergency Relief Fund to assist in meeting the needs of families and businesses.

100% of donations received between now and March 15 will go to nonprofit organizations serving individuals, families and businesses in the greater Louisville area, helping to fill inevitable gaps in funds available versus need.* CFL will identify and make grants to effective organizations providing relief immediately and after the flood waters have receded.  CFL performs due diligence on all organizations to which funds will be granted.

Here’s how you can help –

For credit card gifts:
Visit this page.

To send a check:
Make checks payable to the Community Foundation of Louisville and denote it is for the CFL Emergency Relief Fund – 2018 Ohio River Flood and mail to:

Community Foundation of Louisville
325 W. Main Street, Suite 1110
Louisville, KY 40202

Fundholders of the Community Foundation of Louisville may make a grant from their fund by following the normal online grant process from your Fund account as outlined below:

  1. Log-in to your Fund account
  2. Select “Recommend a Grant”
  3. Search for nonprofit, please enter: Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc. (be sure to select the one with “Inc.”)
  4. Create a grant and in the Grant Details/Designation section, please specify “CFL Emergency Relief Fund – 2018 Ohio River Flood”

*If you are interested in making a contribution to the CFL Emergency Relief Fund to build capacity to respond to future emergencies, please denote CFL Emergency Relief Fund – General in the memo line of your check or in your Fund Grant Designation section.

If you need assistance making a gift, please contact Kate Biagi-Rickert, Director of Stewardship, at [email protected] or 502.855.6942.

Thank you for joining us to support these immediate needs of the greater Louisville community and the needs of others as future emergencies arise.