2016 Important Deadlines for Year-End Giving

The Community Foundation wants your year-end charitable planning to go as smoothly as possible. Please see below for important year-end giving deadlines.

For GIFTS TO the Community Foundation:

Stock held at a brokerage firm: Please check with your broker for exact timing to complete a stock transfer. To ensure completion before year-end, electronic transfers should be completed by December 16.

Check or stock certificate: Postmark on or before December 31.

Wire transfer: Instruct your financial institution to wire your contribution on or before December 30.

Timing of transfers of mutual funds and special securities, such as private company stock, LLC units or S-Corp stock can vary based on a variety of factors.

Please contact the Community Foundation by November 23 to discuss if it is possible to complete by year-end.

For GRANTS FROM your fund to a nonprofit:

Submit your grant requests by December 9.

For questions or assistance with your charitable giving, please contact Meredith Zahirovic, Stewardship Officer, at 502.855.6942 or [email protected].