$1.2 Million in Scholarships Awarded

Kentucky students are enjoying the start of the fall semester with a little less worry about finances due to the help of more than $1.2 million in scholarships awarded through the Community Foundation of Louisville.

“These scholarships bring opportunity for educational success and allow donors to help others with similar dreams to their own become a reality,” said Susan Barry, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Louisville. “The impact of our donor’s generosity will positively affect these young people as they pursue higher education and prepare to enter the workforce in our community. These scholarships not only reinforce our donors as a force for good, but they also inspire a generation of students to pay it forward.

Nearly 100 funds are established at the foundation to help students pursue their higher education goals and cover educational expenses such as tuition, fees and books. To some, scholarships make the reality of higher education more tangible. Blake Garvin, recipient of the Dunaway Scholarship, said that scholarships, like the one he received, would help relieve the financial burden of college for his parents. Garvin continuously expressed his gratitude, saying, “This scholarship will allow me to focus on what is truly important to me in college: my education.”

In addition to helping relieve some of the costs of college through scholarships, the Community Foundation of Louisville is also committed to building bridges between donors and scholarship recipients to help form connections, educational opportunities and degree success that has a lasting impact on community and education.

Madison Mercer was selected as the Phillip “Duke” and Florence Deeb Owen Scholarship recipient and is attending the University of Kentucky. She is a nursing major who has expressed her thanks to the donors for and their investments in the community. In her thank you letter to Owen family, she said, “I am very honored to not only represent this scholarship, but to also represent a person like Duke. Receiving a scholarship like yours motivates me even more to continue towards my nursing major and start of my college career head strong and ambitious.” Sometimes awards like the Phillip “Duke” and Florence Deeb Owen Scholarship provide more than just financial support; their award has provided a stepping stone and new platform for students to model themselves after.

Not every scholarship recipient is a first year student, though. Clanisha Coleman is a junior with plans to graduate in the fall of 2017. She was awarded the Kute Family Scholarship to help support a career in counseling within nonprofit organizations or public schools. As graduation approaches, Coleman says she hopes to open her own educational counseling center for teens and adults to help them overcome barriers that interfere with the completion of school. She repeatedly thanks the Kute Family and said in a recent letter to them, “Your financial generosity has allowed me to be one step closer to my goal…I will continue to push myself…and help other students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

Each scholarship established by donors at the Community Foundation of Louisville not only eases the financial burden for college students in the Kentucky community. These scholarships provide motivation, business opportunities and role models for students to align themselves with in their education.

A complete list of scholarships, application deadlines and eligibility requirements are available at www.cflouisville.org/scholarships. Questions about applying for a scholarship? Contact Ebony O’Rea at 502.855.6971 or [email protected].  To find out how you can establish a scholarship, contact Meredith Zahirovic at 502.855.6942 or [email protected].