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For the past two years, the Community Foundation has partnered with online charity to support educational projects in our public school classrooms. Each school year the Foundation provides $50,000 to match donations made by “citizen philanthropists” to support projects created by local teachers.

The 2013-14 school year will be the last year of our three-year partnership, and we look forward to helping our local teachers bring excellence to the classroom. Visit to see all the projects that benefit our local public school students.

How Does this Program Work? If a teacher has a project worth $400 and "citizen philanthropists" give $200 towards the project, the Foundation will donate the other $200 (until the $50,000 match is made).

Year Two Results (2012-13 School year)

Community Foundation $50,000 Match

  • 206 projects funded
  • 18,538 students impacted (teacher self-reporting data)
  • Donations from 909 individual donors
  • 137 unique teachers supported
  • 66 unique schools impacted

Robert & Clarita Whitney Fund $10,000 Match for Music Programs

  • 31 projects funded
  • 10,021 students impacted (teacher self-reporting data)
  • Donations from 183 individual donors
  • 15 unique teachers supported
  • 13 unique schools impacted

Year One Results (2011-12 School year)

  • 184 classroom projects funded
  • 136 teachers supported (some teachers submitted more than one project)
  • 59 unique schools funded
  • 19,332 students were supported by these projects
  • Donations were made by 632 citizen philanthropists from 35 different states
  • 95% of funded projects will be reusable by future classrooms of students

See Photos from the Celebration at Whitney Young Elementary School on April 4, 2012. What a great first year!

DonorsChoose founder Charles Best, founder of, came to Louisville to kick-off our three-year partnership with on October 18, 2011. See Photos from the Event.


Teachers: Need any supplies for your classroom this year?

Children's books, art supplies, furniture, science kits, computers, toys for dramatic play, listening center equipment…you can request all these and more through

You can also download instructions here.

It's easy to get valuable supplies for your classroom projects:

  1. You submit a project to
  2. Generous donors choose to help
  3. You and your students send along your thanks is a nonprofit that connects public school teachers with people who want to support classroom learning. It's an easy way for you to submit project requests for the specific materials your students need to learn.